The latest trailer for DC’s upcoming Joker movie is officially here bringing with it lots of new footage of Arthur Fleck’s descent into madness.

The film tells the story of Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian who descends into madness and becomes Joker. The film will be rated R and will be independent of any of DC’s other films and could potentially anger a lot of hardcore comic fans.

Director Todd Phillps recently explained, “We didn’t follow anything from the comic-books, which people are gonna be mad about. We just wrote our own version of where a guy like Joker might come from. That’s what was interesting to me. We’re not even doing Joker, but the story of becoming Joker. It’s about this man.”

While I’m intrigued by this movie, I genuinely don’t know how I feel about it. Part of what is so intriguing about Joker in the comics, and even in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, is that you don’t know who he is so you don’t know what he is capable of doing. I like that mystery. I don’t need to know his origin. But then again, this trailer, like the first one, makes the movie look interesting so I’m extremely conflicted. What do you think?

Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, Marc Maron, and Brian Tyree Henry. It opens in theaters on October 4, 2019.