New Images and Details on Solo: a Star Wars Story

There were many people that worried about the lack of marketing that had been released for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, but a trailer was released on Monday and Entertainment Weekly is doing a deep dive into the film each day for the rest of the week.

The trailer was underwhelming for me personally, it just seemed monotone and flat. I am a huge fan of Donald Glover from his days on Community, and I strongly believe he will steal the show as Lando. Alden Ehrenreich is an underappreciated actor – check out his work in “Hail, Caesar!” and I believe he will be able to pull off the difficult task of walking in Harrison Ford’s shoes. I was disappointed when Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired because I loved their work on “The Lego Movie” and I wanted to see the Solo movie have a fresh voice and unique point of view. I thought their style would play well in a space heist movie with a fast-talking Lando and sarcastic Han. But, since I don’t have Kathleen Kennedy’s job, I’ll never know what they would have created. I became quite worried that they were fired so late into filming, and especially when they replaced them with Ron Howard. I am not a fan of his work outside of “Apollo 13.” I feel he’s a mediocre filmmaker that is very safe, very bland, and not what I enjoy. The trailer did nothing to assuage my fears.

These new images intrigue me though. There’s more color, there’s more of a sense of fun, and I am hoping that it turns out well. I am not a Star Wars hater – “A New Hope” was the first film I remember seeing in the theater, and these films have shaped my life. Fingers crossed that Ron Howard has created something special, but I’m still cautious.

Go over to the Entertainment Weekly website to view them all in high resolution and learn more about the characters and plot. What do you think about the film? Am I too negative?



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