New EVANGELION Short Proves Evas Still Got It

If you aren’t an anime fan, you probably don’t know what Neon Genesis Evangelion is.  Take my word for it; it’s kind of a big deal in the anime world.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime

This anime was produced in Japan from October 1995 through March of 1996 and came over to the United States through way of direct VHS sales.  Which is how I enjoyed it, and also subjected my friends to it.  If I had to describe it in a single sentence, it’d be “You start by watching a show about mechs fighting monsters, and end up watching a performance piece depicting mental instability”.

No, seriously. Dr. Squishy can back me up on that.

Since it’s original run in the mid-90’s, it has had multiple films created and re-imaginings released to wild acclaim. And for good reason!  It’s awesome, if not a little . . . off.  The one area it’s never been able to make headway in, however, has been live-action.  So when Pacific Rim came out it really seemed like Japan had missed the entire opportunity to get their own mecha movie out there.

Leave it to the internet to do it for them.

I get that not everything in this video is going to make sense if you don’t know the series already.  That being said, I could watch a series a movies that look this nice.  Heaven knows I’ve already watched others that don’t look nearly as good!

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