Justice League Trailer 2 Breakdown

Here at Stolendroids, we are very excited about the new Justice League trailer, and we are going to break down the major elements and see if we can find any Easter eggs, references, or cool things you may have missed. If you’ve never seen it, or want a refresher course, watch the full thing here:

We start off with some robbers taking school kids hostage during a robbery, and Wonder Woman literally bursts through the doors, dodges bullets, one of the robbers hits her with his gun butt to the back of the head, and she reacts as if a fly just landed on her by flicking her hair and punching him across the room, and saves the day. We cut to her working on cleaning a sculpture and when a co-worker asks her what she did that weekend, she replies “Nothing very interesting.”

The world is mourning the death of Superman with a shot of his emblem over the London Bridge and the destroyed statue in Metropolis. The Daily Planet headline reads “World Without Hope” and we hear a news report that there is a crime wave across the world. Jim Gordon lights the Bat Signal while another reporter says there is trouble at Arkham Asylum, and then finally we learn that Batman has gone missing from Gotham. It appears that he is seeking out other members of the Justice League, but at the expense of his own city.

We then cut to Themyscira, where Hippolyta ominously says “Something is coming” while the Amazons are guarding what looks like a Mother Box in their armory when a a Boom Tube arrives. A fixture of DC Comics lore since its introduction by Jack Kirby in 1971’s The Forever People #1, a Boom Tube is an extra-dimensional portal activated by a Mother Box, allowing travel from one point to another — typically with Apokolips or New Genesis on one end. It opens with a BOOM, hence the name.

We can assume Darkseid is on the other end of the Boom Tube, as that’s Justice League’s primary villain Steppenwolf arriving in Themyscira to take one of the three Mother Boxes that exist on Earth. Steppenwolf is voiced by Ciarán Hinds (Game of ThronesHarry Potter), he’s the uncle of Apokolips and commander of the Parademons — the shock troops of Apokolips — and he wields a pretty nasty looking battle axe. The three  Mother Boxes he needs are located with the Amazons, another with Aquaman and Atlantis, and the third was used to create the cyborg body of Victor Stone. In order for Steppenwolf to win, Cyborg has got to die.

We see shots of the Justice League team while we hear Hind’s Steppenwolf say “No protectors here … no Lanterns … no Kryptonian. This world will fall, like all the others.”

It’s the first reference to the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Extended Universe, who are expected to star in their own film in 2020. However, it leaves us to wonder why there isn’t a Lantern assigned to Earth yet.

With all this ominous buildup, Alfred gets the great line “One misses the days where one’s biggest concerns were exploding wind up penguins.” I think Michael Caine was the perfect Alfred, but Jeremy Irons has some great delivery.

I can’t tell if this is Apokilips, the planet ruled by Darkseid, or one of their spaceships. Either way, Steppenwold is walking towards a glowing object that appears to be a Mother Box that has arrived via Boom Tube – possibly the one from Themyscira that we saw earlier. He’s surrounded by Parademons, the winged warriors introduced in Batman v Superman, during Bruce Wayne’s vision of a post-apocalyptic earth.

As we see the Parademons take flight and leave the base, we hear Aquaman say “This is crazy. Honestly, I think we’re all going to die.” We see the Batmobile leave the Flying Fox, and Diana tells the team that they have to work together. Much like the previous trailer, The Flash gets some of the funniest lines, as he says “I think it’s cool you guys seem all ready to go into battle and stuff, but I’ve never done battle. I’ve just pushed some people and run away.”

Ray Fischer’s Cyborg hasn’t done much in the trailer until now. Something crashes into Batman’s new vehicle the Nightcrawler, and he jumps out of the way. In the next shot, Cyborg is inside the machine and modifies his hand into wires to tap into the Nightcrawler and take it over. Using all the confidence that the Flash lacks, Cyborg uses the intercom to say “Relax Alfred, I’ll take it from here.” leaving a a very perplexed butler. It’s interesting that Cyborg knows who Alfred is, but Alfred doesn’t know Cyborg. Anyone that can hack Batman’s systems is definitely a force to recon with.


It appears that the item that crippled the Nightcrawler was none other than Steppenwolf himself.

We hear Batman say that “Superman was a beacon to the world” as we get several shots of Steppenwolf fighting Wonder Woman in the tunnel and Aquaman under water and Batman fights Parademons. “He didn’t just save people, he made them see the best part of themselves.”

We a very brief shot of Diana using her bracelets of Submission in battle with Steppenwolf, and we get a slightly better look at our villain.

Several shots of a red sky, which is never a good thing in the DC Universe. It means that something’s going wrong with the multiverse – first in Crisis on InfiniteEarths, then in every subsequent Crisis event. It makes sense that the Flash movie is going to adapt Flashpoint if they’re already screwing with the multiverse four movies in.

We get several shots of battle footage before we see the team assembled together in front of some memorial in Metropolis.

We then see Wonder Woman jump off a platform to catch her falling sword, and the Flash runs along the wall and pushes it to her.

We then find ourselves on the roofs of Gotham where Jim Gordon asks “How many of you are there?” and Batman responds “Not enough.” We then get another light moment when Gordon turns around and everyone but the Flash has vanished. Flash looks around confused and says “Oh wow, they really just vanished. Huh? Oh, that’s rude.” before he disappears with a jolt of electricity.

We then get the kicker for the trailer when we hear some electrical humming sound and Alfred says “He said you would come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late.”

It seems pretty obvious to me that it’s Superman, as Alfred appears to know who he is speaking to, and we know Superman plays a role in the film. Some have speculated that it’s a Lantern, but that doesn’t seem to make much sense.

So, what are your thoughts about the Justice League trailer? How will this film transition Aquaman, Flashpoint, and Shazam?

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