In the Age before Phones

My wife recently started watching all the old Beverly Hills 90210 episodes . . . back to back.  I never watched the show when it was on and I never really felt I was missing that much.  After becoming an adult, I realize that I really wasn’t missing anything.  How parents could get mad about what the Simpsons were teaching their kids and not care about what was on 90210 baffles me.

What’s kind of funny about watching the show, though, is how old it is.  The cars all look the same, the hairstyles are kinda modernish, and the issues all still seem relevant.  What really stands out as being dated is the fact that no one uses a cell phone.

Normally this would be just an interesting side note, except it seems that most episodes seem to revolve around the drama that happens when people miss calls.  I’m not even kidding; someone needs help because they overdosed on drugs but no one is around, meanwhile a friend is only a few blocks away and is wondering how the other person is doing.  A guy calls a girl and professes his love to her answering machine, but her jealous roommate deletes the message so she’ll never know.

On the other hand, had they actually had cell phones then it would have just pointed out how bad the writing actually was:

“Hey Kelly! Um, did you get my message?”

“Oh yeah, Brandon.  Thanks for letting me know you’re working late tonight!”

“Yeah, sorry it’s two nights in a row like this.”

“You just better make it up to me later.”


The End

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  1. I find it funny that there was a time when nobody had a cell phone and now, if somebody leaves home without one, they feel lost and isolated.

    I agree with you that it’s absurd that parents would freak out over Bart Simpson saying things like “don’t have a cow, man” when shows like 90210 were teaching their kids how to whore it up in hopes of being popular. That never made sense to me.

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