Imessage Ghost Meets the Proton Pack

ghostbusters-logo1Apple releases a tool that will solve the issues of the iMessage “ghost”. Users that would switch to a new phone, no matter what the platform was would have text messages go missing for several weeks to months. Why has it taken this long to get a resolution? They definitely don’t like to make divorcing their products easy, but at least Apple is finally combating the issue and listening to its former users.

The web tool named “Deregister iMessage” creates a simple two step method that will remove your number from anything iMessage, hopefully ensuring that all of your text messages will make their way to you. The tool has only been out for a few days with no official Apple announcement was made about the tool. The tool was stumbled upon by several Reddeit users.

What are the two steps? It’s quite easy, just go to the Deregister iMessage, type in the phone number associates with iMessage, then select “send code”, once you’ve received said code, input it into the confirmation box and you should be rid free of that ghost. There is currently no reports to this tool working, but Apple’s finally on the right track.

Deregister iMessage


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