I’m a Level 70, and I’m Proud of It.

Last night I achieved a great moment in my young geek life. In the game World of Warcraft I achieved level 70. I’m sure that all, if not most, of you know that 70 is the current highest level in the game. While there is still much to do, I have hit the level cap.

This brings me to an interesting situation. In the normal world no one cares. If I had completed an album, or finished a painting, I could expect some type of public bragging rights if I were to share this with most of the people in my life. However as video games are still viewed by the general population as “child’s thing” it is not the same.

The other side of the geek dilema is that there are those inside of our little world who chose create a hierarchy of game greatness. A few weeks ago a coworker who I am sure has never seen a breast not in jpeg form tried to mock me for playing WoW on a non pvp (player vs player) server. One of my close friends loves to point out that his MMO is a more “grown up”, big boy game.

World of Warcraft is not the most refined of games. It has a good learning curve that allows pretty much anyone to pick up and play. With my limited time that I can really give to games these days I find it a nice break.

If I want to take up a hobby that will brutally punish me throughout hours and hours of play, I’ll play Eve: Online. However for now I’ll take my level 70 Gnome Fire Mage, and burn up Azeroth.

Just rembere my fellow geeks. It’s not what you play that counts, it just matters that you play.

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  1. Let us all rejoice in your reaching of level 70!

    Like you said, it’s not what you play that counts, it just matters that you play. Let every geek heed this mantra.

  2. Now, you just have to let us know if you fall into the “Glass Ceiling” Trap. Most level 70’s I know end up putting that character to rest and start a new alt, only to dust him off when you really need him again.

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