Halloween-y – MMU 35

Tim Burton has directed 19 feature length films, countless shorts, and even a couple of music videos. He has also produced several other films. He has established a signature style. When you watch a Tim Burton film, you know it’s his movie within minutes. In this episode we talk all about Tim Burton’s career and some of our favorite Tim Burton movies- films that fit perfectly with a Halloween-y mood.

Not every Burton film is perfect, and we admit some of them have problems, but overall, he has put together an impressive resume. How do you choose a favorite? Is it Pee-wee’s Big Adventure? Maybe it’s the 1989 classic Batman. Or maybe you love Big Fish. Whatever your choice, we are probably going to hit on it in this episode.

And you can’t talk about Tim Burton films without discussing Danny Elfman and his amazing film scores. Danny Elfman and his music add to the signature Tim Burton film feel. His music just seems to take the visuals of Tim Burton into auditory form. When you hear Elfman’s score, you can picture Tim Burton’s world.

What is your favorite Tim Burton film? We would love to hear about it. Maybe you have some feedback for this episode or a previous show, or a suggestion for a new episode- you can send it all to  

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