Flirtation and Books

The Lettuce Inn Season 2 Episode 7

(Whispering:) Shhhh! Episode 7 takes place in the library! In this extra long midseason finale, the group explores and causes mayhem throughout the entire building.Henry reads a boring book that gives him a strange bit of info about the council. Thirsty not only can’t remember who he is but seems to have forgotten an entire language, while Lemon has ways of distracting (nom nom!).

Marija… well Marija practices the art of seduction and makes our GM blush.“Oh, I’m sorry, you took my breath away for a minute there.” Marija says, laying it on thick. Jimothy gets wide eyed. “…What?”

Let’s role!
GM: Erika
Thirsty: Lindsey
Henry: Matt
Lemon: Mika
Marija: Stephanie

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