New Ducktales Series Premieres

This year Disney XD announced the reboot of a childhood classic for many of us, DuckTales. Well, the wait for this reboot is over, because we’ve finally got the first episode entitled, “Woo-oo!”.

The episodes starts off re-introducing some of our favorites, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Uncle Donald. Donald’s searching for a new job and has an interview to get to, however the baby sitter’s unable to make it. So, Donald had no choice but to take them to McDuck Manor, the home of Scrooge McDuck, where the boys find out he’s actually their uncle.

As the story goes on, we find out that Scrooge is a thrill-seeker, he’s tired of his current life and wants to go on a search for Atlantis. We won’t give too much away, so you’ll need to watch the episode and find out what and how this all happens.

DuckTales definitely delivers that sense of nostalgia while watching the events unfold. From one DuckTales fan to another, you won’t be disappointed.

You can also see a great DuckTales Theme Song – Cosplay Karaoke by the folks at IdiotBox

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