Netflix’s “bright” – a Fairytale Story

“Bright” a trailer review

With San Diego Comic Con wrapping up today Stolendroids is reviewing all the great content we were graced with by the major studios. I was lucky enough score Bright a police procedural/thriller/action flick set in a fairytale world. If you’re trying to place the plot think “Grimm” mixed with “Brick Mansions” and “District 9”. So basically it’s fairytale apartheid L.A style, but don’t let that dower plot line get you, we do have a couple things to look forward. BUT first check out the trailer above, and then check out 4 reasons I’m intrigued below.

  1. Will Smith plays the lead “Scott Ward” a cop AND a concerned Father who from the trailer is looking to sell his house. Which means there is a potentially some fatherly advice coming our way, and if we’re lucky he’ll quote the Prince while he hits us with that wisdom
  2. Joel Egerton plays “Nick Jakoby” the first Orc cop, so right off the bat we’re treated to a fish out of water story, and I like Egerton so I’ll always give him a shot
  3. Apparently in a world full of fairytale creatures Magic Wands are still rare and quite possibly nuclear… Hopefully as we get closer to a release date we’ll get a bit more insight into that one.
  4. Ward’s neighbors are gang bangers which they play up to a bit of humor, so we might get some laughs out of that one.

Netflix acquired the script back in early 2016/late 2015 for a reported 90million dollars, with David Ayer directing, fresh off of Suicide Squad it seemed like an easy get to bring Will Smith onboard to top line it. Rounding off the cast we have Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry and Edgar Ramirez (arguably the best part of the failed “Point Break” remake).

If you’re not psyched yet, don’t worry you have plenty of time to get excited. “Bright” hits Netflix on December 27th, 2017, if you’re not one to set Calendar reminders don’t fret I’ll remind you as we get closer to Christmas!

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