The BBC Knows How to Tease

I love a good trailer.  As a child, I used to sit an watch the PPV preview channel for hours on end.  True story.  I always arrive at movies 5-10 minutes early just to be sure I see the trailers before the feature.  I think of them as appetizers whetting my appetite for a great meal.

There is however a dark side to trailers.  Far too often the trailer gives away so much information that it feels as if you’ve already seen the entire movie.  More times than I’d care to remember I’ve felt as if I could put the whole movie together start to finish just from seeing those brief 3-minute clips.  The people behind Doctor Who however are very different.  Below is the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special titled “The Time of the Doctor.” This episode will be not only the final episode of Matt Smith’s nearly four-year run on the show but will also tie up many of the threads left dangling from that run as well as present the fabled regeneration into the Doctor’s latest incarnation.  A lot is going to happen in this episode.  You would then expect that the trailer would be full of action shots and scenes of our heroes performing heroically.  This is not the case.  From this brief look I know a few of the baddies that will feature in the episode, I know that it’s set at Christmas, and… that’s about it.  It’s as if the BBC knows that they’ll get millions of viewers regardless of what is shown in the commercials, so they might as well save the surprise.  If only Hollywood had that level of restraint.

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