Batmobile Revealed

A couple days ago, some unofficial pics of the new Batmobile came out on the web and people started to loose their minds.  Since the bat was out of the bag (as it were), director Zach Snyder decided to one-up the internet and released an official photo.  Anyone else feel a funny tingling sensation when they see this?



Now, it’s no surprise that the Batmobile is getting this level of buzz; next to Batman himself, the machine he rides around in is often the most anticipated part of any movie.  I posit that Dark Knight Rises would have been a better film with a better Batmobile than the . . .  whatever that thing was.  There’s even a documentary on why people love the Batmobiles and our fascination with a fictional car.

Now, to the purists out there who are going on about the gun turret . . . you can stop.  Batman himself doesn’t use a gun (though he did used to carry one back in the day), that doesn’t mean his vehicles aren’t equipped with anti-vehicle measures.  Do none of you remember the Burton Batmobile using tommy guns to raid Joker’s factory?  My only issue with this design is that the front end doesn’t seem very well armored.

But who cares:  It’s the frakking Batmobile!

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