7 Must See Artists at Salt Lake Comic Con

You can find a lot of different ways to keep yourself busy Salt Lake Comic Con which include the celebrity guests, panels, food, cosplayers, and vendors. If you are looking to buy something to take home of your favorite characters as well as talking with some of the coolest people at the convention, Artist Alley is the way to go.

There are a lot of artists with incredible talent in attendance, but here are 7 artists that are definitely a must see:


  1. W. Studios

This is Jessie Webster’s first year at Salt Lake Comic Con  and she has already won us over by seeing the attention to the fine detail she has displayed in her charcoals. Each piece is just as stunning as the next when you understand and realize how difficult working with this medium can be. Having the ability to keep your lines crisp and clean may seem like an impossible task while she has proven this is beautiful and flows through naturally.


2.  Story-Monster by Heather Dixon

Heather has an impressive resume that includes work from Disney Interactive and HarperCollins and is currently an animation director. If you haven’t had a chance to visit her site yet, now is the perfect time to do so. There you will see her hilarious stories of her every day life drawn out with characters that you can relate to, drawing classes, books, and her portfolio showcasing projects she has done. Her witty and charming personality are just as lovely in person which also radiates into the beautiful artwork that she creates.


3. Hollie Hibbert

Hollie has created a line of work that is whimsical and full of life. You will be able to see each piece has a personality of their own surrounded by beautiful rays of color. She also has a really fun take with her dinosaur prints that all seem to tell a story of their own just by looking at their faces. She has some adorable books that she has illustrated which I hope she eventually does one from the adorable dinosaurs.


4.  Ryan Cain Design

Ryan has a variety of pieces that were refreshing to see. Often times you will come across fandom art that you have seen many times before, but with a different twist or style. He is able to tap into other fandoms that are not seen a lot at comic con often such as The IT Crowd, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or Parks and Rec. He’s able to capture the humor from those shows we love and bring it into a print that is hard to resist. Fun tip, he only creates art of things he’s actually watched.


5. Jenny Parks Illustration

Cats make hilarious memes and Jenny is able to capture that phenomenon into her style.  Even though cats dominate her booth, she does also create some magnificent pictures of other animals. You also have the option to purchase some pins to help feed that already pin addiction we all have. Make sure to check out her variant Marvel covers as well!


6. Orbital Harvest art by John Giang

John caught our eye with this Voltron piece here and were able to discover the other pieces that were amazing as well. He’s done concept art for films such as Rogue One, Avengers, Pacific Rim, Star Trek, and more. He is a delight to speak with so make sure to ask him questions and see the many options he has available.


7. Erik Hodson Illustration

80’s cartoons are hard to beat and Erik is able to capture the nostalgia of our childhoods so well. It was great seeing prints that brought up all of those memories you had with your Saturday morning cartoons and want to immediately recapture those moments the second you get home. While he has a different variety of genres that he covers, the 80’s cartoons were the ones that hits you in the feels the most.

Did you have a chance to check out Artist Alley? Let us know which ones you came across that we should check out!


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