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Lots of good things happened last weekend at Mountain-Con IV. Lot of things also need to be improved (as with any volunteer run organization). But let me show you the best thing that happened to me over the weekend.

The Artist Guest of Honor was David Reddick. David draws the Garfield comic strip for newspapers (yes he is authorized) but his fun job is drawing several Star Trek themed comics. One is called The Trek Life.

The main character for this series is a Trek Obsessed fan named Carl. A lot of people have compared me to this character. Ok more than a lot of you. When I heard that David was coming, I wanted to commission this piece of artwork from him.

The Carls
The Carls


When I approached David to request this, not only did he know about the request before hand (up to a year in advance), he was honored to meet “The real Carl” as he put it. Four different people came up while he was drawing and asked “Is this the special artwork that Carl wanted.” I was even proud that David liked a line from my life (which hopefully may make it into a future strip).

I was so excited I showed everyone at the con. I probably encouraged several more sales with how much showing off I did. 

There is much more to tell from the con, however without internet access at home, I don’t know when I’ll be able to post a full report.

This baby is getting framed and going on the wall.


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  1. That is so cool.  I can’t wait to hear more about the events at MountainCon IV or as I prefer to call it, The Convention Without Amy Allen.  I keep saying that there’s always next year but eventually the world will end.  

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