10,000 B.c. the Cinematic Equivalant of Vanilla Icecream

A few weeks ago I saw the movie 10,000 B.C. and almost immediately forgot about it. It was not good, but by no means was it terrible. The computer effects were bland, which seems strange for a movie that featured stampedes of Woolly Mammoths, something I’ve never seen on film before. It should have had everything. It was from the director of Independence Day, it was set during a time that has hardly been shown in movies outside of the Flintstones in the last few decades.

Some movies are intentionally bad; Plan 9 From Outer Space, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, and many more. This one was just bland.

Modern computer effects have made big movies far to easy to make. They no longer have the scope of Cecil B Demille, or the passion of the original Star Wars trilogy.
10,000 B.C. is the kind of movie that in six months time if someone asks me if I’ve seen it, I’ll have to give serious though to remember. With all likelihood I won’t.

So I ask you to think and submit, what are someone of the best bad movies that you’ve ever seen?



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  1. Oddly enough, the worst ones I’ve seen with you!

    Tomb Raider, we described the exact same way (“Wasn’t bad . . . just wasn’t good either”). Battlefield Earth I can’t really remember. I know I started watching it on TV, and I know a few hours later, I came to with you and Carl suddenly in the room, also looking confused.

  2. Battlefield Earth was filmed using 5 dimensional cameras and the post-production took place in between the 4th and 5th dimensions. This explains the apparent loss of time (and energy) when viewing this film.

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