Just a short little blurb here.

As I have stated before; I’m looking for a job. I have actually been reduced to staffing services, which have yet to yield any promising leads so far. However, one has given me pause and I don’t think I can expect much from the recruiter who I spoke with.

Just to be clear, I used to interview people at previous jobs. I was the one you had to impress, so I know what questions to expect, and how to handle all of them. Well, maybe all of them:

Recruiter: “Can you tell me what servers you know?”
Me: “I have built, configured, and deployed mail servers (typically Microsoft Exchange), domain controllers, file servers, NAS arrays, user management arrays, test environments, web farms, and DNS servers.”
Recruiter: “Are you familiar with software?”
Me: “Um, any specific software?”
Recruiter: “Just software. Are you familiar with it?”
Me: “Uhhhh . . . yes? I know it exists. I work with it regularly. I guess that qualifies as ‘familiar’.”
Recruiter: “Excellent!”

I was honestly expecting him to start asking about working with “the internets”. Have to keep looking I guess.


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  • zohner

    At least he didn’t force you to break down a definition of “the internets”. Talking about a series of tubes that get clogged with blow up dolls and horses in a job interview would make me uncomfortable.

  • Halley

    oh geez. . . good luck with the job hunt. Here’s an interesting place to look. . . Tesoro. . . (the refinery, not the gas station) – my dad is a chemist at the one up in Anacortes. . . he keeps trying to get me on as a lab technician. (except I am not going to move to Anacortes) Get to wear a scientist smock. Oooh.

    I would suggest Adam’s old position, but I am sure that they’ve restaffed that already. ..