Those who know me on any level are quite aware that I’m a huge movie nerd. Those who know me slightly better know that I am also a fan of professional wrestling. While my interest in the “squared circle” has waned over the years it is still there. So when I heard that one of my favorite directors, Daron Aronofsky, was directing a movie called The Wrestler I was almost immediately interested. It stars Mickey Rourke fresh off his fantastic turn in Sin City (one of my favorite films in recent memory), and has gotten a large amount of Oscar buzz. The last three weeks I’ve been off of school and had a chance to take a day and see several movies (BTW see Valkyrie it was great, The Spirit can be skipped, and Frost/Nixon is great if you are either a theater or political nerd). However I had one slight problem, I live in Utah which, along with its other flaws, is one of the smallest markets in the country. So while this movie has won awards, including a recent Golden Globe for Rourke, its not playing in my state. So what is a geek to do?

Thanks to the beauty of the interweb, and the availability of Oscar screeners, most of the movies that are under consideration for the awards are available for download for shall we say…. free. Now I’m more than willing to pay to see this film, heck I’m willing to pay full price for my ticket to see it, but I don’t have that option. So how could I possibly be expected to ignore this availability. I’m told by those annoying pre movie PSA’s that it is wrong to download films, but really I find myself caring about that less and less.

The debate over free media is almost as old as the mainstream Internet itself. Recently the RIAA has decided to end its war on minor downloaders, and no longer prosecute citizens like myself who have acquired more music than they might have purchased. I feel that this is a huge blow for the little guy

Not mine finest post ever, forgive me I’m a little rusty. Just sharing whats on my mind.


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  • I have major issue with those annoying ads at the beginning of movies. It’s not enough that I had to pay an ungodly amount of money for such a cheap flick, and put up with the public at large all talking on their cell phones through it, now I have to watch TV ads too! To top it off, and make me feel all the better about spending my money, you’re going to blare an ad at me about how wrong it is to watch movies for free.

    My biggest gripe about the media is exactly what you put here; what do you do when it’s not even available? I’d happily pay to watch my Top Gear, but Discovery channel (which I pay for) decided not to keep it. I’d happily pay to watch my anime on Cartoon Network (which I pay for), but they decided to drop my shows.

    Thankfully, at least in the TV market, they have seemed to catch on and are now distributing more and more shows on Hulu and Crunchroll.

  • zohner

    I hate when I buy a DVD and the first thing I see is a message telling me not to steal it. I ALREADY PAID FOR IT!! I hate it when I get treated like a thief when I’m not.

  • Schmidty

    I see the issue behind downloading a movie. I get it. (doesn’t mean I adhere to it all the time). But I don’t understand the gripe about downloading TV Shows. How is downloading a TV Show different from TiVoing a show, then saving it on your computer for viewing later? That’s not illegal? People aren’t being prosecuted for recording TV Shows? So why are people being prosecuted for downloading them? And on a more personal note: my Bluehost account was shut down because I was backing up my TV Shows onto their server. Once the “illegal content” was removed, the suspension was released. What?! Why? I don’t get it. But I complied because I wanted my account back.