Why the Internet Loves Breath of the Wild’s Prince Sidon, and so Should You

****Minor Breath of the Wild spoilers ahead! ****

From the moment Prince Sidon flipped off that tower, he fell right into the hearts of every player in the world. From his smooth, crimson skin—er, scales—and blue-green eyes to his suave words and charming demeanor, Prince Sidon wins the hearts of gamers left and right—despite being an anthropomorphic fish.

When you start The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, you plan to ship Zelda and Link indefinitely, as you do in most Zelda games. After seeing the trailer, you know that at some point Zelda is going to cry on Link and her hand will slip out of his. You emotionally brace yourself to watch them come together and then be torn apart by Ganon or circumstance. You pray that they will be okay and find each other again.

When you start the game, the first thing you hear is Zelda’s voice, and after learning of your past from King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, (i.e. Zelda’s dad), you leave the great plateau with a plan to rescue Zelda as soon as possible, guilt crushing you as you can only think of bringing these long-lost lovers together. The ship has set sail, and you are not just on board, you’ve joined the crew and become the first mate.

On your journey to save the princess, you let nothing distract you. (Wait! Is that a rock I can pick up? Zelda can wait for an extra second or two… there could be rupees! Or a lizard!) You try to avoid enemies, lest your new favorite weapon break. You run by a river and see a familiar figure poking out of the water. A Zora! They shout that their prince has been searching for a strong, brave, handsome Hylian to help the Zora people. Of course, who better to help them than the legendary hero?

You heed the cry of the kindly Zora (After all, who else is going to help them? Beedle?) and head upstream, enjoying the rain and plethora of rocks to pick up when BAM! Everything comes to a grinding halt as the ZeLink ship you’ve so happily sailed for all these years gets hit with a stasis rune. Just then, a smooth and graceful scarlet angel falls from the sky: Prince Sidon, the very Zora prince you came to help. He explains that he has “been searching for someone like you for a long while. A man like you… who carries himself with power!” but you barely notice what he’s saying because your ship is sinking and you don’t know how to swim. Luckily, a fish prince is exactly the sort of thing you need for the situation.

After successfully rescuing you, Prince Sidon asks you to make your way to Zora’s domain to help him stop the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, which has caused massive rainfall and flooding. The prince fears his home may be washed away. (Of course, the path to the domain is dangerous, and the cliffs are unclimbable in the rain, so be careful.) Before he sends you on your way he tells you, “Don’t give up! I believe in you!” and you realize that there probably isn’t much you wouldn’t do for this gentle and pure creature. Defeat a divine beast? Sure! Stop the rain? Why not! Fight lynels, moblins, and more? Absolutely!

Throughout your climb to Zora’s domain, Sidon pops out of the water periodically to encourage you on your way, as any half-decent fish should. After making your way to the home of the Zoras, you meet with the hunky shark-prince again. (Actually, he comes running to the gate as you arrive, jubilant as ever to see you.) After discovering that you are the hero from one hundred years ago, Prince Sidon’s happiness and affection only grows. He gushes about your strength and courage and asks you to help him save his people. When you accept (of course), you are rewarded with his signature bicep flex and twinkling smile.

After you gather the necessary supplies for this new task, you meet up with Prince Sidon at the reservoir where the Divine Beast Vah Ruta is waiting. Sidon checks to make sure you have your armor and arrows, and then you jump on his back and rush in to save the day! Together, you stop the water flowing ceaselessly from the beast’s sides, but when it comes to freeing Ruta… well, that’s a task for the champion hero. Sidon drops you at the door, telling you he will see you back at Zora’s domain. As the beast rises, you and Sidon share final looks—looks of longing and affection. Sidon swims away and his last words goodbye to you are, “Finish the job, Link…

Once you complete the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, you return to the domain even more of a hero than when you left. Some of the older, grumpier Zoras might even give you the time of day! The King congratulates you on a job well done, and your Prince steps up and takes your hand. In all his princely swagger, he says, “With all my heart… thank you. Of course, you swoon, but you are the champion hero destined to save Hyrule, so you keep it together! Later, when you talk to your new fish boyfriend, he goes on and on about how thankful he is and then talks about how incredible you are. You blush as he tells you are his most treasured… friend. Wait? Friend? Probably just doesn’t want to break the hearts of all the Zora girls watching… yeah, that’s it. He is just so gosh darn thoughtful.

As you leave the domain to continue your adventure, you realize that, as of this moment, the sails are set and the ropes are cut, and a brand-new ship has hit the vast ocean that is the internet, with you proudly standing at the wheel.

As you watch the land vanish in the distance, you think of what brought you to this new ship. From the first moment, Prince Sidon spoke, complimenting you immediately as he told you he had been watching you and knew you were the one to help, to the time spent on his back as you fought to stop the immense water flow from the divine beast, a beautiful friendship had blossomed. It may have all happened in a few days, but for you, it may as well have been a lifetime…  Sidon and Link, forever immortalized in fan-art, fan-fiction, and fan-hearts across the globe.

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