Just a quick apology; we’ve been lazy recently and mainly just linked videos on the site . . . this post isn’t going to change that.  We’ll do better next week, I promise!

There is an awesome game out called Team Fortress 2.  It’s awesome simply because it gives us only what we really want as gamers: senseless multi-player violence.  How this is different from any other shoot-em-up gore-fest is that it’s actually sort of cartoonish (and chock-full of style).  I first came into knowledge of this game almost a year ago with the following video.

Now, I loved this video, and the official trailer video that came out with it at the same time.  What I hadn’t followed up on was the studio that made the game would keep releasing new trailers!

Sniper (the best, in my opinion).


Engineer (also very good).

Soldier (disturbing but funny).


Now, I’m just waiting for the Pyro and the Medic. In any case, it’s games and game trailers like these that remind me why I love being a gamer.

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