The other day I was putting gas in the car at the station.  Ahead of me was a guy who couldn’t be more than an hour past 19 years old with his stereo blaring, truck still running, and yelling and laughing with his friends.

While this child was being a public nuisance (yes, I know I sound old here, but give it a second), he’s also trying to light a cigarette.  Normally that’s a stupid thing to do at a gas pump.  This time it was especially stupid.  Wanna see why?

See, in older trucks like his the fuel door isn’t down around your thigh.  It’s up at chest height, aimed at your face.  Thanks to the fact he has his engine running while doing this, there’s a lot of gas fumes coming back out of the tank and up towards him trying to light one up to impress his friend.  Thankfully (for me, anyway), the right ratio of gas to air never seemed to be reached and we didn’t all die.

He finished pumping $30 or so of the Premium Unleaded into his truck, hopped in, and peeled out from the gas station into traffic, covering everyone else in . . . diesel smoke?

Yeah, that’s right; Young Mr Blow My Face Off With A Cigarette just topped off the tank of his diesel 1960’s Ford with UNLEADED fuel!

Now, I realize that some gasoline in a diesel tank won’t kill every truck.  Older trucks especially.  Of course, too much gas will also cause your engine block to explode (gas burns too hot and too soon for the headers in an diesel engine).

Thing is, where was the lightning bolt during all this?  Why is it that kharma never seems to come in fast enough for us to enjoy it?  With all the possibilities this kid had to be lit on fire, blown up, or have his truck explode how did he manage to just Forrest Gump his way out of the gas station and tear off down the road?  Knowing how unfair it all is, he probably nearly ran over a sidewalk of children later and nothing happened then either.

It all just seems so unfair that some people have to out up with the nimrods out there, and the nimrods go totally unpunished (i.e., no random lightning strikes).

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