I’m a Trekker.  I should clarify that before I go any further into this post.  Not a Trekkie, but a Trekker.  I’m not entirely sure what the differences are, but I have it on very good authority that I am one and not the other.  The point is, I’m a Star Trek fan.

I just finished the game Star Trek Legacy for PC that I got for my birthday from Schmidty and Squishy.  First strike against it (and the only one that really matters) was that it was a Star Trek game.  In this one, you play throughout all the major eras as each other the main captains and fight a non-canon origin of the Borg.

Retconning the history is forgivable.  What’s not is that it was created by programmers who were evidently frozen in ice for the last 14 years and have only recently started making games again.  The sound is off, the controls are unmappable, the ships look like they were made from 5 polygons (tops), and there are huge gaping tears in space.

This is not new.  In an effort to make the quick buck, Paramount is known for screwing over the Star Trek franchise every chance it can get.  When it looks like they can’t sell books or video games as much anymore, they pump out a movie.  Once the movie is out, they then flood the market with half-baked items such as ST:Legacy.

Don’t believe me?

Yeah.  It manages to be an utter joke, and real at the same time.  Click here to read a fun review of it. There’s also a TNG version of it for anyone who wasn’t a TOS fan.

On the flip side of this is the fact that Trek fans are very loyal (read: obsessed at times).  ST:Legacy has a HUGE mod community out there who create their own content for the game and is easily obtainable and installed.  I have an X-304, the Galactica, flying Delorean, and an Akira-class in my fleet!  Many of the ship meshes created by fans are far superior to the ones originally in the game.

The fact of the matter is that Star Trek fans WANT a game they can get behind.  They want their own title to finally hold up and show off to the world, their own “Force Unleashed”.  In all this time that Star Trek has been around, it would seem that Paramount and CBS still don’t understand that, and would rather cut their games in half just to get it out by Christmas.

I’m very thankful for getting this gift (and I cleared this post with Schmidty and Squishy both to make sure they knew I wasn’t trying to be ungrateful).  I like the fact that I can , sort of, fly my favorite ships in combat.  I like that I can mod the ships to do whatever I want and look however I want.  I like that they actually got all the actors to reprise their roles as the captains of Star Trek (even if they sound tired of the whole affair).  It just kills me that we may never get a game that goes the distance.


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  • No matter how many times you show me the cover pictures or the comics in the quarter box, I refuse to believe that there is any such beast as an X-Men/Star Trek crossover. You only find such fanboy stench on the internet. Gah……Paramount and Marvel Comics made these abominations when they were both in financial binds and thought that peanut butter and mayo would go great together. I remember arguing with the Star Trek pocket books editor via the online message boards how this was wrong pure and simple. Talk about someone who was insulted just because I told him it wouldn’t work. Of all the people I’ve talked with online, in person and at various conventions, only one person has admitted to even liking this. And this person was a regular reader of crossover-fan fiction on the internet where they could find it for free.

    As for Star Trek video games. I’ve really enjoyed the Elite Force series of FPS games. I hope that Legacy was better than the first Starfleet Command combat simulator. That was geared too much for the fans of Star Fleet Battles IMHO. I’d also love to try Away Team (Starcraft meets Star Trek).

  • I loved Elite Force. I think they really had a winning combination of Star Trek atmosphere without bogging it all down with the “play as your favorite captain” routine. Sometimes you just want to shoot some Borg in the face!