I’m fairly convinced that 90% of the people who work in advertising are high as a kite while at the work place. Either that, or it’s actually a very small minority that is high, and they just happen to be the ones making most the ads we see. Maybe they’re cheaper, I don’t know.

I know I’m not the only one who’s thought that, I’m sure. I’m sure not the first person to bring up how dumb some ads and logos and such are. A great example would be a couple strips from Real Life Comics by Greg Dean

It so happens that certain Native American tribes are allowed the use of peyote for religious ceremonies since they’ve already been doing so for thousands of years.  I honestly wonder if there are other laws that protect people in certain occupations in a similar manner.  Something along the lines of “All bonafide advertising agencies may enjoy the use of crack cocaine for inspirational purposes.”

Want an example?

It’s like they thought “Hey, this was a really great idea while I was out of my gourd.  Maybe we can recreate the experience for the viewer!” 

I’d like to see a list from everyone on the WEIRDEST commercials you’ve seen.  The ones that make no sense at all, that leave you wondering if you should feel a little insecure or offended about what you just saw.


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