I need someone who owns a video game company to develop a game for me.  It needs to be a game by geeks, for geeks!  Sure, there will probably only be a small handful of gamers out there who want to play it (and they’ll all just BitTorrent it anyway), so this company needs to be ready to make ZERO profit.

There are so many good heroes in video games, but I want to play as the ultimate one.  I want to walk through the game with god-like power and watch my enemies come at me only because they know they have to, but be ready to run screaming at a moments notice.

Allow me to back up for a moment.  I don’t like horror films.  I don’t like horror or suspenseful games either.  It’s just who I am, and how I can be a real wuss.  I know this and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  HOWEVER, I do like playing horror or suspenseful games that are easy for me to overcome.  Perfect case in point: Resident Evil 2.  Okay, let me clarify: Resident Evil 2 on Rookie Mode!  Nothing helps me over my fear of a zombie apocalypse like mowing through them with a mini gun!

So, I like that sort of omnipotent power in a game . . . but I like a challenge too.  I have no idea how to overcome that part, but I think I know the type of hero I’d want to play as in any type of game!  Please note that all of these are ripped off from other games, and I’m ok with that.

  • Halo-esque control scheme (and HMD too if you want)
  • Raiden-like powers (just because)
  • Is the leader in a squad-based combat system (think CoD4 meets SW: Republic Commando)
  • Maybe can summon minions to act is it’s squad, so you can increase your squad size or grant them additional abilities (okay, that might be an original idea.  It also solves that annoying issue where your NPC squadmates take uber amounts of damage, but can’t die till their cutscene)
  • Force powers
  • Can switch from gun combat, to force/magic combat, to sword combat, to hand-to-hand whenever needed
  • Can turn invisible
  • Likes to blow stuff up

I’m up for any other suggestions as well.  And a name (I’m thinking Bob: Destroyer of Worlds right now).  Let me hear your ideas!!!

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  • Schmidty

    I’m with you on switching between different combat modes. Not a lot of games have attempted this, and those that have attempted have failed, or gotten close, but not close enough. I think it would go something like this: You have access to the modes that you have the capacity for. For instance, you start out with the ability to only do hand-to-hand combat mode. Once you obtain a weapon, depending on that weapon, a new mode is introduced and it will switch modes according to what weapon you wield.