Video Game Reviews and Why They Suck

Here at Stolendroids we’ve reviewed a couple Video Games. I myself reviewed the highly anticipated Sonic Mania last year and gave it a 4.4 out of 5. I loved the game. But some reviewers who played the same game as me did not see it as well made as I did. Since then I have been thinking about video game reviews and how to make them better… or even work at all for that matter…

The reason it is hard to review a game on a single scale is because every game is so different, a game is anything from a 5 minute experience on your phone to a 1000 hour experience on your dedicated gaming console, to review 2 games like the ones above on the same scale is insane and not fair to one or the other. It would be similar to review a vine, tv show, and movie all on the same scale. So for my first solution to the “video game review” problem (as I’m calling it from here on out) I put forth the motion to remove scores. Opting instead for a written verdict or personal opinion so readers can see directly why they like it and if it is recommended.

The second biggest problem is directly related to the first. Readers (you know who you are) don’t like to read entire reviews, they like to look at the number score and go from there. I have thought long and hard about the solution to this and am going to put an idea out there and see if we can follow it. I call the idea “Tweet Review” a little blerb at the end that, essentially, condenses your entire review into under 300 characters. That way, readers can quickly see your initial thoughts and understand what you think of the game without reading the entire thing. Let’s make this happen people.

I will attempt to implement these ideas into my writing from now on so we can have a healthier review space for the future.

Thank you for reading, you can find me on NPX every Thursday and on Stolendroids website all the time. See you next Mission.

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