If you’re a Jazz fan you know his voice. Since 2005 ‘Bolerjack’ has been commentating, answering fan questions, and keeping track of all things Jazz. And today is the day for a new commentator. You.

We welcomed the Utah Jazz to the world of eSports in 2017, a world where anyone can be an MVP. And now, the Utah Jazz Games has started their own digital team. On top of all the excitement, the team has now announced its own Discord. Which brings you right to the forefront of the action.

What is ‘discord’ you might ask? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of gaming or you’re just dipping your big toe into the water (maybe don’t dip, just jump), ‘Discord’ is the app for you. Whether you want to chat or voice chat with other players, you’ll find a friend in ‘Discord’. This means you can leave Skype and Teamspeak in the dust to have all the advantages this messaging app has for you. It is 100% free, allows multiple channels and in-game overlay. Plus so much more.

So buckle up kids, the Utah Jazz Games eSports team is coming in hot. Make sure you find them in the app to keep up with all things Jazz.