I love Pixar movies.  In my mind, that studio can do no wrong.  Eventually their streak will come to a screeching halt but I’m guessing that their new movie, Up, won’t be the one that does it.

On a side note, is the kid in this movie asian or just chubby?  We’ve been debating that at my work today.


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  • Dr Squishy

    He’s fat. If he were Asian they couldn’t really make jokes about it, where as we can always laugh at the fatties of the world.

    I agree that Pixar has never made a bad movie. I wasn’t wild about Nemo, but even that I had to admit was quite good despite making me want sushi. I have no problem admitting that Wall-E made me cry. A fact which my wife still teases me about.

  • Me too! I always have to blink back tears when he’s getting crushed, and he just won’t give up! *sniff*