I am in a small-town tire store, waiting for my car’s flat tire to be repaired. The magazine rack is filled with old issues of Better Homes & Garden and the TV is locked onto a home improvement show that is hosted by someone who could be my old aeronautics teacher (he was nuts).

On the other couch is a very old man with his chin on his chest who might be dead for how much he’s moving. There’s a middle aged mom sitting across from me, just staring out the window at her car on the lift. The gentleman at the end of my couch has brought his work to the garage (on a weekend) and probably wouldn’t notice if a bomb went off outside.

None of this would seem at all out of place to anyone who has ever been to an old tire store. However, looking closer, you see the guy working the couch is doing it on the new MacBook Pro. The mom is texting her husband and checking her email on her phone. The “dead” guy has those tell-tale white earbuds in, and their accompanying cord going under his jacket.

I’ve always been under the assumption that I’m ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. I still believe that, but maybe I’m not as far ahead of it as I thought. Maybe the mainstream has finally caught on to those niche technologies from yester-year.

The mechanic just came in to tell me that my struts need to be replaced soon. He sees me writing this post on my phone and says, “Just so you know, 3G doesn’t work in here for some reason. EDGE is the best you can hope for. There’s an unsecured wifi next door, though. You can probably connect from here.”

I’ve just entered the Twilight Zone.


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