Twisted Toonz at FanX

Jess Harnell made yet another appearance at FanX, with the Twisted Toonz panel. This was a 90-minute “family-friendly” show where they brought out guest stars to reprise their old voice acting roles, and some new roles. This year, they chose to do this to The Wizard of Oz, which hasn’t been done at FanX before.

They started the pre-show out with playing “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC with lights going and everything. The audience immediately cheered and got up to dance, there was even a dancing pink unicorn spotted in the crowd, along with “fat Thor” from Avengers: Endgame.

This year, they had Billy West and Susan Egan. They even had two other guest stars, Jason Isaacs and Kris Kirkpatrick. In the beginning, when Isaacs joined the panel, the family-friendly show almost instantly turned into a rated R showing, with no regrets from him, or the audience even with this being a Wizard of Oz bit.+1NxuTk4T0SnuEY215jOSA_thumb_240.jpg

From Meg (from Hercules) to Ren & Stimpy and Sean Connery, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger there were so many amazing voices being done by these actors, and I wish this panel was longer. You could tell they were just having incredible amounts of fun and it energized the crowd. I hope to see Twisted Toonz again next year! It was such an amazing way to spend the end of a great FanX weekend.

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