We have the first official trailer/sneak peak out of the US version of Top Gear.

In this clip, the boys are trying to recreate the old bootlegging cars of prohibition . . . with limited success.  At first, the lack of an English accent is really jarring.  It’s even more noticeable when all they can do is double over laughing, and you’re left feeling like you’re watching a bunch of yahoos who have somehow gotten their own show.  However, thinking on it more, this might be what British people feel like when they watch their native show!

Below is another clip from an upcoming episode with some Lambos.  Again, the sudden inclusion of sunshine and lack of an English accent is a bit odd.  Then the phrase “it’s like being aroused at gunpoint” is uttered, and all it’s like Jezza is in the car with him.

Top Gear is set to premier on History Channel late 2010.


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  • Bryan Schmidt

    How exciting! Our very own Top Gear. I don’t have anything against the original Top Gear, but it will be nice to watch a good car-centered series that doesn’t make fun of American cars (well, more than they deserver anwyay). LOL.

  • Dr Squishy

    Cautious optimism is my current frame of mind. I’ll watch it I’m sure but it will be interesting to see how honest they are allowed to be, and if the trio have the same rapport that the British version has.