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Spider-Man: Homecoming came out in 2017 and officially introduced everyone’s favorite web-slinger not the MCU. In a film that bucked Spider-Man film tradition by not giving us his origin story, we get a fully powered Spidey who is trying to figure out where he fits into the larger world of superheroes.

In Homecoming, we see Tony Stark take a young Peter Parker under his wing and helps him become his own hero. This is where we see the beginning of their almost father/son relationship that just kicks us in the gut at the end of Avengers Endgame. I’m almost crying just thinking about it. But without their relationship in this film, Endgame would not have hurt so much.

In this episode we talk about everything, from Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man to Michael Keaton as the Vulture. It is all here. This movie may have taken place around Homecoming dance time in the MCU, but it was also a Homecoming for the Spider-Man character, who is finally officially here in the MCU. And we couldn’t be happier.

But what about the sequel? It comes out in a few short weeks, and we touch on what we have seen in the trailers, including Happy and Aunt Mae? as well as the multiverse, and what it all might mean for the MCU as a whole going forward. The Infinity Saga is over, but what will be next for the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We’ll have to wait and see.

What did you think of Spider-Man: Homecoming? Is Tom Holland your favorite Spider-Man? Or was this movie just ok? Let us know your thoughts. Share them with us online on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. You can also share your thoughts about this episode and any previous episodes, as well as requests for future episodes to



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