Captain marvel

In its opening weekend, Captain Marvel managed to exceed expectations by bringing in $153 million domestically and $455 worldwide. This all happened despite a large number of mixed reviews and even trolls who tried to sink the audience review scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

To add a little perspective to these numbers, Captain Marvel now ranks as the sixth largest worldwide opening in history. It’s seventh on the list of US openings. Also, in the US, Captain Marvel scored Marvel’s second-largest domestic opening weekend for a film that isn’t either a sequel or an Avengers team-up. (Black Panther is the largest with $202 million in 2018.)

It’s pretty safe to say that Captain Marvel is a success. At least it’s a success in terms of finances. But what about in terms of how good of a movie it is?

Join Val, Tracy, Jake, and two special guests as they share their thoughts on Captain Marvel. What was good, what was bad, and what was just okay. Be warned, spoilers will be plentiful. And here’s a small spoiler for you… Their initial thoughts on the movie are different after having thought about them for a few days.

Have you seen Captian Marvel yet? If not, please explain yourself at Seriously. We want to know why. And if you have seen it, let us know your thoughts. Do you agree with us? Are we totally wrong about everything? Or do you just have a suggestion or a random piece of feedback for us? You can send that to us too!