I’ve been bad about keeping things up to date on the blog.  If not for Zohner posting some things, last week would have gone by without a single update.  I’ve decided before I post anything else, I’d give a real quick list of things that I feel should have been posted about.  Prepare for randomness!

We have two new members! Welcome to them, and we hope to see some comments soon from someone other than myself and Zohner.

The Shirt Ninja is back.  And I want one!! Oh I want one so badly.

I finally have a documented process for being married AND being a gamer.

I never want anyone with a Brittish accent to review me in anything I do.  I love watching or listening to their editorials, but they are cutting.  Of course, that will never keep me from enjoying OTHERS cut down by Brittish editorials!  Enter Zero Punctuation from The Escapist magazine. (I’m going to be upfront and warn you now; if you have an issue with foul language, you don’t want to follow that link or click the video below.  If you don’t, you’ll love this guy!)

Just watched Vexille and loved it!  Might be my new favorite anime in recent times (last 5 years).  If you can get a chance to rent it, download it, borrow it . . . I suggest you check it out!

Jack Thompson is probably going to be disbarred.  Yay.  Notice I didn’t say “YAY!!!”.  Even though this is good news for the world and man kind in general, it’s not terribly surprising.  It’s sort of up there with “Hitler was decided to be not such a nice guy”.

That’s all for now.  I’ll come up with an actual post later.  Have fun till then.


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