Three Ninjas


Have you ever noticed how it seems that every movie from the 90s had a fat sidekick? Did you ever wonder what would happen if all of the sidekicks got together and did their own thing? Well, wonder no more because that’s exactly what happens on this episode of Stolendroids Podcast!

Sit back and relax as the Three Sidekicks discuss Sony and Disney’s messy divorce, more Star Wars news than we know what to do with, and a few new characters coming to the MCU. Collin also apparently doesn’t know what a dog looks like. Or maybe it’s Zohner who doesn’t know what one looks like since he’s the only one who seems to see a problem with the “live-action” animation used in Lady and the Tramp. Is he alone or do those “dogs” not look right? (Not the dog dogs… The fake dogs. The real dogs look like dogs which is what they should look like.)


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