There is a lot that is wrong with the gaming industry. From the micro-transactions to the bug-filled releases to the insane amount of DLC and exclusive content that gets released at the same time as the main game. Unfortunately, the only thing that can be done to curb companies and their greedy lust for money is to stop supporting them. Yeah, I know that’s easier said that done…. 

This image from Albion Online perfectly exemplifies the current state of the gaming industry. You can pay for the game, you can pay for the game with some extras, or you can pay for the game with even more extras. And the beautiful part in this case is that even if you buy the extras, they can apparently break or be looted off your dead carcass meaning that you may have just wasted as much as $70 for a few mounts.

If you are one of the people who shell out real-world cash for these types of games, good for you. I wish that I had that kind of disposable income. But keep in mind that even though you are supporting the game developers, you are enabling them to keep doing this nonsense.

Am I wrong? Tell me why in the comments below.

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