Schmidty and I were once talking about what I’d want out of a personal device; connectivity, storage, integration, navigation, and an operating system flexible enough to evolve with the needs of its user.  We both dismissed this immediately, since no company is in-tune with it’s consumer base to that degree, and figured such a device will never exist.

Well, it’s still not perfect, but Garmin has gotten much closer than anyone else so far.

This thing has nearly everything I could want in a phone.  What it doesn’t have, just may not have been announced yet (I don’t know).  It has a better GPS system than any other phone out there (let’s face it, it’s Garmin) which ties seamlessly into Google services, and then has the Wi-Fi 3.5G and phone capabilities with it.

Let’s say you’re talking on the phone and get into your car.  You sit down and place it in it’s dock, and the call is immediately made hands free.  On top of that, the device also switches straight into navigation mode.  While talking on the phone, viewing the map, you notice you are running low on gas.  So you hit the touchscreen, select the Google Services, and in real-time it tells you all nearby stations and their current prices.  It can even guide you there.

While I don’t own an iPhone, I have used one a few times.  It’s hard to say how the Nuvifone’s keyboard is in comparison to iPhone, though it looks more responsive.  I still have issues with “typing” on a flat surface, but that just may be me.  I simply might have to admit that the time of actual keyboards might be ending.

Some things to add that would just utterly complete the package for me:

  1. Stereo bluetooth, as well as BT sync or Wi-Fi sync with bundled software.  It’s Palm OS (update below)  so I don’t think that will actually be a problem.
  2. Satellite Radio capability.  I don’t use it, but it’d make this next suggestion all the better for me.
  3. Have the car dock also interact with your car stereo.  Any music on the device can be played from the device to your car speakers when you plug it into its dock.
  4. Open up the OS a bit.  I know it isn’t released quite yet, and so this part might change, but the response time in the video looked a little laggy.  Part of Windows Mobile strength (and no doubt Android’s as well) is that you can access the OS registry and do whatever you want with the thing.
  5. Massive onboard storage.  Maybe I’m asking too much with that one.  It’d really help #3 though!  At the very least, let us use those nice 32GB SDHC cards.
Any thoughts from anyone else?  What would make the perfect “Personal Device” for you?

UPDATE:  Jessica from Garmin International wrote me to let me know they have not yet announced which operating system the Nuvifone uses.  That’s not to say it isn’t Palm OS, just that no one outside of Garmin knows for sure.  Thanks for the heads up, Jessica!

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