I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love what it can do, and what it enables me to do (for free). I hate that it can’t read my mind.

I have a Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) hooked to my TV. It’s running Windows Vista Ultimate, has two TV tuners on it, and a 300GB hard drive to record TV. I don’t care if you are a Apple-zealot, a Linux buff, or a Microsoft drone; Windows has the best Media Center out of the box. It works right away, has the best integrated guide (unless you’re in Australia), and is easily modified to do whatever you want . . . unless you’re me.

When I upgraded to Vista to use its Media Center over XP’s, the Vista installation split my hard drive into two. I know that my Mac friends are going to immediately jump on this as a sign of the faulty Windows installer, but it was actually my fault.

When Vista installed, I kept telling myself that I should really repartition the drive to make full use of the space, and not be left with a 200GB chunk of unusable hardware.

I didn’t.

Now, Microsoft has a default setting that as the drive is starting to get full, it will automatically delete older shows you haven’t flagged so it can keep recording new content (kept telling myself I needed to change that setting too. I didn’t). This hasn’t really been an issue, since we typically watch our shows the same day they were recorded, just not the same time, and delete them.

Enter the Battlestar Galactica marathon on Sci-Fi!

I came home yesterday to find that all the boy’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse had disappeared. As well as my X-Play, Ninja Warrior, the new episode of Reaper we hadn’t watched yet, Mel’s Gilmore Girls, and a movie. Instead, I had 30 hours worth of BSG, and 12 hours of Mythbusters. It should be noted, it’s the same 30 hours of BSG I already have on the Media Center in Divx format.

Now, if only I had spent the extra money on the Positronic AI for the computer instead of an old Athlon X2, the computer would have known what I wanted! >sigh<


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  • Melissa Arakaki

    It actually didn’t delete my Gilmore Girls, so I don’t have to hold a grudge for that one. 😉 Although I had to attempt to explain to Tyler yesterday why he couldn’t watch the Mickey Mouse episode that he wanted. I think we’ll all live.