We’ve done a lot of changes on Stolen Droids over the past week.  Zuke has been busy pimping our site thoughout the internet and I’ve been busy working with things on the back end.  It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve put a lot into it.  Hopefully the changes will pay off by increasing traffic and by making your time that you spend here more enjoyable.

Here is a nice little list of some of the changes.  I won’t go over what Zuke has already covered.

  1. We’ve set up the site to have all RSS feeds go through FeedBurner.  This not only gives us a way to track our subscribers but it gives you an option to receive updates via email.  You’ll notice a nice little “Subscribe” area in the sidebar where you can choose how you want to know when we update.  (Thanks to Fast Icon for the feed icon.)  If your RSS reader isn’t updating, you may need to add us again.
  2. We’ve added a “Friends of Stolen Droids” section in the sidebar.  This list will surely grow over time.  If you hover over a link, you’ll notice that you can see what has been posted recently on that particular site.  If you want to be one of our friends, I accept PayPal and gift cards.  Actually, just let us know.
  3. The site poll is now fully functional.  It used to be that you could only access it by going to the Poll page but now there is a beautiful little widget on the sidebar where you can make your voice heard.  Speaking of the Poll page, you are now able to see results from previous polls and even cast a vote on polls that you missed the first time around.
  4. Below each post, you’ll notice that there is a link where you can “Share This”.  If you click this, you will be able to share stories from this site on any number of other websites.
  5. We’ve added a button to the sidebar that will allow you to add this site to your Technorati favorites.
  6. We now have an Archives page.  Now you can effectively see the times that we were slackers and the times that we weren’t.

Well, there you have it: the newly redesigned Stolen Droids.  There are still a few things that I’m sure we’ll end up doing and there is a lot that we’ve done that most people will never notice.  In the end though, we want your experience here to be a pleasant one.  Thanks for visiting.


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Co-founder/show host/producer of Stolendroids. If you’ve listened to our shows, you know that I’m a geek. Anyone who says differently doesn’t know me very well. If it has anything to do with computers, video games, toys, comic books, or sci-fi, you can count me in. Also, I aim to misbehave.

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