As a fan of a lot of Sci-Fi shows, I end up joining various fan clubs. Of course I run the USS Ticonderoga fan club for Star Trek. I’ve been involved in various clubs for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Firefly and others. One of these is the Visitors Fifth Column, a fan club of the various V mini-series and television series. Today the leader of the local chapter directed me towards a Variety report announcing that ABC would be producing a re-image of the V story. Warner Brothers TV will be producing the show.

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

Scott Peters, the co-creator and executive producer of the USA series The 4400, will be writing the new adaptation. Peters has also written for The Outer Limits and Highlander. He has also directed for The 4400 and Jericho.

The new V will be modernized (hopefully giving us the same amount of fear the first series had) with Homeland Security and other multiple story lines. We won’t be seeing as much of the Nazi concept but we will see the results of people having blind faith in their leaders. We’ve been promised an invasion at the start with the Visitors promising to help Earth. This is Scott Peters second attempt to sell this to ABC (the first pitch built up enough interest to warrant a re-write).

I remember the awe I had watching this series back in 1983. Massive saucers gliding across the sky moving like chess pieces over each city. Sounds like it would make a good Will Smith movie huh? (wink) Unlike the old War of the Worlds classic, the aliens didn’t just blast us the moment they arrived. They had their arms opened in friendship and talked about sharing technology in exchange for our help. Slowly they took control of various aspects of our society while discrediting the scientists who could expose them. There were references to other Sci-Fi shows and it introduced me to a lot of talented actors. I also remember my Father scoring tickets to a Utah Jazz playoff game (at the start of their 19 year playoff appearance run) and the dilemma I felt when I found out it was on the same night as the final episode of the V mini-series. We learned how to set the VCR timer for the first time and prayed it would record.

I’ve always wondered what V would be like in modern times where communication over the internet is instant. IRC communications is one of the tools that helped the Soviet citizens resit the hardliners trying to take control in the August 1991 coup d’etat.


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  • zohner

    I remember when this was on back in the day. It was on after my bedtime so I never got to watch it. Scott Peters has done some amazing work though on Jericho and The 4400 so I’m sure the revival of V will be great.