It’s hard to believe now, but in 1978, DC and Warner Bros. were on top of the comic book movie world. Superman was on its way to earning $166,200,000 at the global box office and turning its star, Christopher Reeve into a household name.  Even after a few missteps in the 80s (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, The Return of Swamp Thing), thanks primarily to Batman, they were still king of the mountain well after the turn of the century.

Somewhere along the way, things took a terrible turn with DC’s comic book movies. Was it Batman’s nipples in Batman and Robin? Maybe it was Catwoman? (Nothing specific. Just Catwoman.Jonah Hex was a thing. So was Steel. Was it those? While any one of these could be to the exact moment when DC crapped the bed, the culprit might not be what you would expect. Listen as Val, Jake, and Tracy do their best to decide what film, or actor, deserves the blame for DC’s fall from grace.

What is your favorite comic book movie based on a DC character? What are your thoughts on the recent DC films such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman? Do you agree with us on our thoughts regarding the DCEU and where it all went wrong? Let us know at You can also send us any other feedback you have and any suggestions for movies you would like us to discuss on an upcoming episode!