One of the best posters to come out of Spider-Man: Homecoming has an awesome story behind it. In a video posted by Instagram user TheRealSpideyMan, Tom Holland discusses about the origin of the poster in a recent interview promoting the film’s international release. You can watch the clip of him telling the story of his real on-set nap that turned into the movie’s best poster below.


Interesting story about that poster is that is actually me asleep. That’s not part of the movie; that’s me in-between takes asleep. We were shooting this scene, and I was just really tired that day, and I was just asleep on the floor, and the photographer took a picture. So when they made that the poster, I was like “What! What the hell, guys!”

While there were plenty of other posters used in promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming, this one is far and away my favorite of the bunch. And just think, we may have never seen it if Tom Holland didn’t need a nap.

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