If you aren’t familiar with The Onion News Network, it’s a spoof news agency.  That’s the very short version.  They started out as a weekly, subscription based newspaper that could be delivered to your mailbox for a small fee.  Once the internet came into its own, you could log into their site for the articles.  Now, you get full videos and an actual news desk.

Typically, their articles are very witty and sharp.  If you don’t know what’s really going on in the world today, you aren’t likely to get the jokes in their mocking stories.

Of course, sometimes their articles can be more believable than the real news!  Looking over at CNN’s Technology section, you’d think you had gone to The Onion’s site instead:

  • Lab makes renewable deisel fuel from E Coli poop: huh?
  • Bush could weaken the endangered species act: took you eight years to figure that one out huh?  He could also destabilize the world.  Guess we shouldn’t elect him.
  • Car exhaust could be used to add horsepower: yeah, I think it’s called a turbo charger (invented in 1905).  Admittedly, this is just a bad headline.
  • Shuttle replacement will not fly until 2014: an no facts will be given about it till two years later, evidently.
  • Scientists say they are closer to finding an invisibility material: however have no proof, sources, or ideas of how to prove this to the public (“See?  It’s right there!  In front of you!”)
  • Men prefer hot women, study says: No joke?  Wish I had government funding to figure that one out.

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