During a recent “geek-meet,” the subject of Homestar Runner arose. One thing led to another, and we found ourselves discussing the “Jibblies.” Since some people were unfamiliar with the Jibblies on that occasion, I thought I would share the full nature of the Jibblies with the wider geek community. Strong Bad first revealed the Jibblies during his “Bottom Ten” email, and they’ve continued to pop up ever since, even being featured in a special Halloween toon.

The Jibblies are a kind of psychic shock caused by a painting of an evil Demon known as the “Rocoulm,” whose catchphrase is “Come on in here.” Before I show you the full horror of the Jibblies, I should tell you that when you see the Poopsmith character during the following video, make sure to click on his head to unlock an easter egg scene which you would otherwise miss. It’s worth it.

You can now view the Rocoulm’s full Jibblies rampage here. Do so at your own risk.


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