In case you’ve missed it, a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has been released into the wild, and it’s pretty awesome.  We get to see a lot of Bane, Catwoman, Generic Police Officer portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and of course, some Batman.  However, this newest trailer has raised a few questions in my mind.  We see Bruce Wayne with a beard; is he healing from a broken back?  Catwoman seems to be fighting alongside Batman; is she not really a villain but more of an anti-hero like we see in the comics?  Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets a lot of screen time for being “just a cop.” What is his true role in this film?  If you have answers, please feel free to share them because July 20th is so far away and I don’t know if I can wait that long.

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  • Dr Squishy

    I was a little bummed out that I didn’t see this trailer when I went to the Avengers. So I decided to watch it on my computer the next day. After having just seen, what I consider to be, the best superhero movie ever I was very whelmed by this trailer. Don’t get me wrong, I love Batman (I’m writing my doctoral dissertation on him)and I LOVE Christopher Nolan, but this trailer didn’t make me more excited to see the Bat. It felt less like a superhero movie and more like a Chris Nolan movie, not that that is in any way a bad thing. It’s just that after seeing what Marvel studios was able to do, I hope that DC uses this as a last send off to “dark and gritty” and decides to finally remember that they are in the superhero business. Marvel was able to be so successful by not being ashamed of what their source material is. I hope that going forward DC can show the same stones.