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While watching tonights finale of geek fav Battlestar Galactica take a drink of your beverage of choice each time on the the following happens:



· Gaius is talks to imaginary Six and another character looks at him like he’s loony.

· Admiral Adama cries.

· Anders gets rejected by Starbuck.

· Anyone yells “Gods damnit!”

· Someone on the show takes a drink.

· Every time Grace Park is on screen… Shout the character you think she is: Eight, Sharon, Athena or Boomer. If you’re correct, hand your drink to someone who got it wrong.

· Someone says “toaster.”

· When you think you hear Jamie Bamber’s British accent. (drink two if you didn’t know he’s a Brit)

· Any time you wonder why more people watch “Lost.”

· Every time you’re weirded out by the late-blooming Saul-Six relationship.

· Every time Starbuck has a mood swing.

· Every time you hear the term “skinjob” and it creeps you out.


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