The Android Tool You Never Knew You Needed

You have a bunch of files on your computer and need to get them to your Android device.  Or you’ve taken a load of photos and need to get them onto your computer.  It’s a tale as old as time (or at least as old as camera phones).  Currently, if you’re trying to do this you have three options:

  • Pop out the memory card and put it in your computer.  No one does this because it usually means disassembling the phone, and at the very least requires an SD adapter for your computer.
  • Use a cable to transfer items between your phone and computer. This is usually the most straight forward but is a bit of a pain. Mind you, no where NEAR the pain of the option above.
  • Move the files to your cloud storage (Drop Box, OneDrive, etc.) and access them from your other devices. Not bad, but takes time if you aren’t on wifi.  Also, who says you WANT those files taking up your cloud space?

Enter in the Kingston Digital Traveler Micro Duo, a svelte little flash drive that is compatible with Android devices and has a USB 3.0 port on one side and a micro-USB port on the other.  It acts just like you think it would; plug it into one device, transfer files to it, plug it into your other device, and pull files back off!  Thanks to the USB 3.0 speed, it can take files from your computer as fast as you can give it to them.  Thanks to the micro-USB port, you can just plug it into your Android and go with it.

Kingston Duo

And thanks to today’s deal on Amazon and through our store, you can pick up a 64GB one for only $28.74! Go check it out!

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