Over the weekend, Ron Howard, director of the upcoming untitled Han Solo tweeted out an image of himself with screenwriter Jon Kasdan and assistant director Toby Hefferman wearing Imperial officer uniforms. The photo is hashtagged “#tagandbink ?” teasing that the two are portraying the slapstick characters, Tag and Bink, from the Star Wars comic books of the early 2000’s.

While this could be seen as a simple tease, after Kevin Rubio, creator of Tag and Bink, mentioned it on his Twitter account, Kasdan responded and confirmed that they are in fact portraying Tag and Bink.

For those unfamiliar with Tag and Bink, the Tag and Bink series of comics is made up of four
issues, and one short comic in Star Wars Tales which ended its six year run in 2005. The first three books each cover a single movie in the original trilogy, while the fourth spans the entire prequel trilogy.

We don’t know yet if Tag and Bink will have a major role in the film, or simply be relegated to the background; however, this is an awesome nod to the comics that should excite long-time fans.

The untitled Han Solo movie is expected to hit theaters May 25, 2018.

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