After our review of the LG G Pad 8.3, some readers caught that I was using a Windows Media Center to stream recorded TV shows to other rooms in the house.  This is often considered the Holy Grail of PVRs and prompted some questions.

I just read your review of the LG and was interested to see that you streamed a movie from your Media Center (Windows?) to it.  How do you do that?
I have a Win7 machine with 4 tuners on board … I use it to record a bunch of trashie shows (Intelligence, Shield, Elementary, etc) that the wife isn’t interested in and then watch them when time permits.
However, I would much prefer to watch them on my large screen TV upstairs.  I have a DVD player that is wireless and it can ‘see’ my Win7 machine … it just cannot see any of the WMC content.
Can you suggest how I can stream this recorded stuff to my TV?
Well, streaming from a Windows Media Center can be very easy or very difficult.  If you have nothing but other Windows computers in your home then you’re pretty much done!  Just open up the Media Center in your Homegroup and double click the files!
If you don’t however, things can get complicated.
Streaming to a DVD player is probably out of the question.  The MS-DVR and WTV file formats (which Microsoft has used to records TV) needs proper codecs that can typically only be found in specialized players.  Media Center Extenders would allow this sort of playback, however those are few and far between.  The Xbox 360 can act as an extender and DVD player both, however, so you could use that as an argument for getting one in the bedroom! 😉
When streaming WTV content to other screens in the house, I’m usually limited to my laptop.  In the case of the LG tablet, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Android has come a long way in transcoding the content on the fly and had some players specifically made for it.  Without the CPU power and the app, I wouldn’t have been able to play it.
Your other option is to setup a program called Handbrake, which can monitor a target folder (in this case, your “Recorded TV” folder) and re-encode the recorded TV for you into a separate file.  Many times you can even configure it to skip commercials for you.  If your DVD player can’t play WTV files but can play standard MPGs, then this may be an option for you.  Be warned, however, it’s an advanced setup that will take time to get right and will ultimately give you two of every show (a WTV file and MPG file).
Good luck!

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