From the 1-million-dollar League of Legends tournament to the Overwatch League that had 10 million viewers, eSports is bigger than ever.

What’s amazing about eSports is the accessibility and universality of the sport; anyone with a console and an internet connection can learn to play and compete online. But that accessibility and universality is a double-edged sword. Just because anyone can play doesn’t mean anyone can make it, and even though the gaming community is never, and has never been about fame, there should be something for these people who can play so well. Too often a player comes in, wins the tournament, and leaves. Nobody knows their name, and nobody asks. There aren’t people to spread the word. There is no one to tell the tale.

We need a bard.

A teller of tales, a weaver of legends, a maker of heroes.

Enter Stolendroids.

The same people, content, and podcasts you know and love are going to tell your tales and build your legends. With the growing community, someone needs to step up and ask for names, track stats, and inform you of news. That someone may as well be us.

So stay tuned to Stolendroids: your new eSports outlet.

Oh, and don’t worry we will still be providing you all the content you love, so nothing’s changing, you’re just getting more.

And while we are at it, thank you to everyone who makes this possible, we couldn’t have this site, our podcasts or be able to cover eSports in Utah without you!

Seriously, thank you.

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