There are a few new games coming out that are still gaining hype the closer we get to their release date. One of them just came to my attention and makes me wish I had a current generation gaming platform at my disposal: Dark Void.

To backtrack a bit, I’d like to take everyone back to the glorious days of the Xbox. The first one. The black beast that no one understood; why is it so big? why is it so expensive? why is the controller the size of my head?

Halo had come out and was very popular, but Microsoft needed that title to draw in the casual gamer and get them to buy into the whole Live! experience. They gave us Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.

Now, I can’t actually tell you why that game was so popular.  It was a great ride though!  The game was fun in single player, the graphics were solid, and the multi-player was incredible.  Probably the most attractive thing about the multi-player was that the game was just difficult enough to discourage trash-talking 9 year olds from playing, and therefore was a much more “civilized” online game.

Well, the studio who made that game has now introduced Dark Void, and it also uses aerial combat.  The difference is that this time you have a jet pack . . . and oh some of the ways you can use it are mindblowing! Imagine being shot at by baddies who are above you; you fly up and use the underside of a ledge as cover, timing it just right to reach over and drag one of them over the edge of the cliff.

It looks awesome, and I almost want to take back my comments that the video game industry have run out of ideas.

Almost.  Until I look at Street Fighter 2.  Er, 4.  Yeah, we’re on 4 now.  Of course, we’re on the 16th or so incarnation of the game, so it’s sometimes hard to remember just where we are.

I’m watching this trailer, and I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen this all done before.  Maybe not as fluid as this, but I’m getting an annoying sense of deja vu.  Wait, is it really?  Could it be?  Yes, it’s my old copy of Street Fighter 2 for Sega Genesis.  Sure, it has some HD graphics and 4 new fighters, but it’s there.

I’m not just making this up.  In a later interview, the creator of the series came out and basically said they wanted to take the series back to a time when it was good.  So they did.

Wow.  Well, thanks for at least being honest about it.


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  • zohner

    Wow. Dark Void looks amazing. I love the grip action that they have going in that game. As for Street Fighter IV, meh. I never was a big fan of this style of game so I couldn’t care less if they come out with a sequel.